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Mysterious ‘UFO’ filmed blitzing Taliban base in Afghanistan @drudgereportapp

Man, clif high is good. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.


Lutz = Biedny?

Is it just me or does Kerry Lutz at the Financial Survival Network, sound a whole lot like David Biedny from the original Paracast podcast?


So they don’t really look the same, but if you already know what Biedny sounds like, listen to the link.


You can listen to his podcast free here: The episode linked Lutz talks with his guest about Japan and their high levels of debt and how that will become an issue in the future. He sounded so much like David Biedny that I kept expecting him to talk about his experience living through the Venezuelan currency crisis in the 70’s, and I don’t even think they had a crisis in the 70s.

So its basically the voice that I’m listening to, and the way he talks in terms of tone and such.  I don’t think they are actually the same people, but man if they don’t sound the same.


Kerry Lutz from the Financial Survival Network.

Kerry Lutz from the Financial Survival Network.

David Biedny, formerly of the Paracast.

David Biedny, formerly of the Paracast.


Art Bell is Back! #Bell&Binnall!

Ok, so I never actually heard Coast to Coast when he hosted it, but I hear he’s good.

I suspect he’ll need a producer or two.

I’d like to nominate Tim Binnall for that job. He’s obviously got the background in the paranormal. He’s been organizing interviews for years. I think his schooling is in media production or something along those lines. I suspect he’d like a better paying job than whatever he currently is doing, although I’m not really sure what it is.

so how about it? Care to start a twitter trend with me? Maybe something like:





I don’t know if Binnall wants to move to Nevada or wherever Bell is currently, but he’d be closer to Bishop and Redfern than up in Mass.


The Times they are a’changing

I’ve got to say that I’m not paying much attention to the paranormal world lately. Its still interesting, of course, but things going on in the normal world are fascinating.

This whole Edward Snowden thing is crazy and I think there could be implications for disclosure.

Max Keiser talks about the barrel that the U.S. is over currently here, and how things are changing geopolitically. I like Max Keiser, although I don’t agree with everything he says, he’s got an interesting perspective.

Its fascinating to watch the balance of power shifting in the world, and its shifting away from the U.S. It is really the first time that I can imagine where disclosure by some other government becomes a possibility.

Billy Cox sort of touches on it here: describing how the government and military in Brazil treat the UFO phenomenon in Brazil differently than we do.

I’m sure the U.S. has used a heavy hand on other governments around the world when it comes to UFOs. All those stories about guys from the U.S. coming to collect crashed saucers in Mexico or Brazil or wherever may come back to haunt us. Perhaps now with China holding a trillion in U.S. Treasury notes out over the market we won’t be so quick to quash UFO inquiries anymore. Who knows, but we live in interesting times.





I wish the paranormal community had a visual satirist like William Banzai7.

I wish the paranormal community had a visual satirist like William Banzai7.

Well, things are really rolling now for our President. Remember the good old days when people were talking about “date night” and how firm Michelle’s biceps were:)

Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, the breathtaking expansion of debt, G-bay still open, and potentially, the total epic collapse of the dollar.

I heard he passed some sort of healthcare thing, but I guess time will tell how that works out.

I’m sure he can see his legacy slipping away.

But you know what you can do Mr. President?



UFOs, JFK, and whatever other crazy shit is in the WhiteHouse closets.

Actually become transparent.

You have a brief period of opportunity that Mr. Snowden has provided. Use it well.

Fat chance.

But perhaps when the country collapses all around him and the rest of us, China may at least let us know about UFOs.


The Golden Age of Disclosure

The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules.

When you start to look into the ufo phenomenon (among others), you are given a choice. Its the choice given in the movie, The Matrix, that being the choice between the red pill and the blue pill.
If you take the blue pill you are choosing to stay in the matrix, comfortably numb to the real world that exists around you, remaining in an artificial structure that is draped in pretty colors and shiny baubles made in china, increasingly nurtured by manufactured proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and controlled by the laws of the matrix. If you take the red pill, you emerge from the matrix, at a rate that varies with the pill-popping individual.

When you start looking into the paranormal phenomenon, your attention is split among 100 different paths. You can easily spend a year looking at things and feel like you are no further than you were on day one. You can give up or you can continue.

Eventually you stumble across something that seems similar to the ufo phenomenon, but unrelated. Maybe its bigfoot, or eSP. Whatever it is, you’re told that it isnt real, and not to worry about it. But intuitiely, you know you know that is incorrect. So you ivestigate that area. You begin to notice the same patterns. You notice that many of the same peolple are showing up to tell you that its not real, or nothing to be concerned about. You notice the ridicule at your expense. You begin to feel like youre involved in a fight that you hadnt been prepared for and probably didnt know you were fighting.

In the end i can only speculate on the end motivation of the ultimate participants in this fight.
I suspect it comes down to something more than money(souls, perhaps) although it seems like money is the tool they use to fight their batlles. Currently the United States is in the position of control in the fight. We have the strongest military and can use that to impose a will on others in the rest of the world. But there are cracks in our facade.

If youve followed the ufo phenomenon, you will at some point get caught up in the idea of disclosure. The idea that someday, the powers that be will come clean and disclose what they know about ufos, or bigfoot, currency, or esp, or whatever. That day never seems to come. Ive often wondered if there is some sort of barometer that could tell you when the chances of a disclosure event were close to occurring. I,think there may be, although i think that time it will only occur as a side effect of a breakdown in the control mechanisms. The disclosure will pop out as the lid holding this and other secrets ruptures. Eventuallymsomeone at tptb will fetch another lid and try to put the secrets back into the bottle, but there will be a period when the secrets can be exposed to the air.
Ive often wondered if there was an idicator that could be used to measure the degree to which thatnchanging of the guard wasmnear. I now think there is, and its as old as mankind: gold.

From what i can tell, it goes something like this.
We won world war ii.
We spent the next several decades developing our economic power, as well as our military power to protect the economic power, but we began to cheat and we got greedy. We went off a sound money gold stndrd and chose a fiat standard, not based on anything other than the full faithmand credit of the u.s. government. But over time, when you see the government lying to you about nearly everything, the full faith and credit of the government doesnt mean as much as it used to, and it then comes down to what hard assets youve got, the best of which is gold.

And thats the big mystery folks, how much gold do we have? Official figures say that the u.s. government officially holds about 8,000 tons of gold. Thats about .8 ounces of gold for each u.s. citizen. T

Rna drops — make your own?

I’m still not quite sure what to make of those Rna drops I hear on James Martinez show. Honestly my first impression is that they are basically modern-day snake oil, but what do I know? I hear about it mostly listening to Cash Flow, a radio show/podcast by James Martinez. I also get it from Randy Maugans’ Off Planet Radio podcast.
 I certainly don’t agree with all of what either of these guys have to say, but I think they do generally have some interesting guests with interesting commentary on the world today. But these rna drops just seem like so many of the other questionable products I’ve heard advertised on talk radio.

Anyway, I haven’t tried these things, so maybe I’m not going to ascend.

But if you’d like to try your hand at making your own rna drops, the patent application for icells can be found here:

It goes into a fair amount of detail, so maybe you’ll be able to save a few bucks and make your own after everyone else has ascended.



The Teaching Company — The Great Courses…

I wrote a post a while ago, I think it may have been one of my first posts, that mentioned The Teaching Company. They basically do lecture series on any number of topics. I’ve gotten a few including a general philosophy course, and a philosophy of science course. The one on philosophy of science was sort of tough to get very into as it had such a materialist bent. Maybe it was less so later, but I had a tough time listening to much that I stopped after the first few lectures. The point, however, is that people in the paranormal would do well to go through some of these courses so that they have a better handle on the arguments used by ‘debunkers’

Anyway, I noticed they have a new lecture called Skepticism 101: How to Think like a Scientist. The series of 18 lectures feature none other than Michael Shermer, PhD. There are five lectures with paranormal themes including, The Paranormal and the Supernatural, Science Vs. Pseudoscience, Comparing SETI and UFOlogy, Comparing Evolution and Creationism, and Life, Death & the Afterlife. I haven’t listened to the lectures, but I reckon its consistent with Dr. Shermer’s previous skeptical endeavors.

But this post isn’t really about the Teaching Company’s products, or even Michael Shermer, PhD’s skeptical bona fides. I wondered if the paranormal community could produce something along the same lines. Is there any one person or group who could pull it together to put out say 20 quality lectures on the ufo topic and do it in a way that wasn’t open to immediate ridicule?  For me, Richard Dolan is the only one that comes to mind. It would take the form of a history course using his UFOs and the National Security State series (1941-1973, and 1973-1991, and whatever the last one turns out to be).  I think everyone in the field has heard Mr. Dolan talk before, but normally its and hour, or maybe two in a podcast interview or conference presentation.  This format would allow him to go into much greater detail than he normally does in presentations and would probably reach a much different audience than that which normally listens to the Binnall of America podcast or goes to the X conferences.

Dolan may not be the only person who could put something like this together. I’m sure Stan Friedman, Jacques Vallee, and Grant Cameron could also put together some quality information and do it in a way that would be reasonable. Maybe there could be a series of 24 lectures, with 4 people producing six each, or some combination like that.

Anyway, I don’t know Richard Dolan or the people at The Teaching Company, so I’m not really in any position to effectively suggest this, but if any of my two or three regular readers stumbles on this post and has relevant network contacts, maybe forward it along.:)

Thanks for reading and I wish good fortune to everyone.

Mysterious universe

Big up to the MU crew in nyc. Nice to meet Ben and Aaron (didn’t actually meet) and the other folks from the metro area that can talk about weird shit and not feel weird about it. 

Hidden Experience: Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron really nailed it in the latest audio conversation with Mike Clelland. If you’re new to the UFO thing, start with this interview and work back to where you were before you listened.