Invisible Undergrad Electives

Thinking about the Invisible Undergraduate program that I proposed in my first post, I realized that I was missing a key element, UFOs. Also, end of year just seems to be a fine time for top-list-of-whatever lists.

So, I thought it would be appropriate to include something on the books that seem to have made a major impact on the subject. As you won’t get a chance to read any of these in any undergrad course, you might want to get acquainted with them in your free time.  I can’t say that I’ve read them all yet, but they seem to be the most substantive books out there, and you won’t be wasting your time reading them.

If anyone thinks there are additions to this list of important books, please post them in the comments section. Similarly, if you think any of these don’t belong, let the world know why:

Worth a look

Worth a look

The list is, in no particular order:

UFOs and Nukes by Robert Hastings

Firestorm by Ann Druffel

UFOs and the National Security State by Richard  Dolan

Flying Suacers by CG Jung

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S Kuhn

The Missing Times by Terry Hansen

The UFO Evidence by Richard Hall

Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII by Keith Chester

Shoot Them Down by Frank Feschino

The Threat by Dr. David Jacobs

The Invisible College by Dr. Jacuqes Vallee

Contact with Alien Civilizations by Michael Michaud

Above Top Secret by Timothy Good

The UFO Evidence by Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Dimensions, Revelations, and Confrontations  (Separate books) by Dr. Jacques Vallee

I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed, if only because I’m fairly new to the subject. Surely there must be something appropriate from Stanton Friedman.If you know it, please comment below.


About nycjeff

Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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