From the Daily Grail News Briefs 08-06-09

This looks like it is some form of passive radar system, produced by the good folks at Stanford Research Institute, or SRI. Its cool to see that SRI is doing something these days.
I guess they always have, but I only hear about them in relation to the early remote viewing stuff rather than more traditional science and engineering work.

Even more interesting however, is what this could be.
“AMISR is a modular, mobile radar facility that will be used by scientists and students from around the world to conduct studies of the upper atmosphere and to observe space weather events.”

I suppose the upper atmosphere and space weather events are good things to study. More importantly though, is that it seems to put a pretty interesting radar technology in civilian hands. One would think that it may be pretty good at picking up anomalous aerial phenomenon.

It really makes me think of Peter Davenport’s proposal on passive radar a few years back at a MUFON Conference.

Davenport is one of the few people that I’ve heard talk about this. In my opinion developing technologies like this should really be a focus of someone in the ufo community.  I can’t name any group that I think could handle it, but someone ought to be trying, and perhaps SRI is it.


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