I Support John Greenewald Jr.

I’m not normally a big fan getting involved with government agencies for ufo stuff. I tend to feel that if they don’t want to let us play with their ball, we’ll go find a different one. On the other hand Mr. Greenewald seems to be pretty good at the FOIA game, and he’s set things up to make it easy for everyone to view the fruits of his labor. And the information is the property of taxpayers, afterall.

So after reading this post at Larry W. Bryant’s UFOview Blog, I was sufficiently annoyed to create this:

Download, print, folt, and post

Download, print, fold, tape, and post

its basically a letter writing campaign. Just download the above, print it out, fold along the lines (long first, then short, leaving the image on the outside), tape up the flapping sides, attach a stamp, and drop in the mailbox. You can even sign it if you want.

I got the illustration from the Black Vault here (originally created by Daryl Joyce) I used open source software Scribus for the layout and to create the .pdf and Gimp to make minor photo adjustments.

Feel free to repost it on your blog, but if you do, try to make sure you actually mail a hard copy to the powers that be.


About nycjeff

Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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  1. I fully agree and support the Black Vault and all their attempts at getting to the truth about UFO’s and the government’s refusal to release information regarding this information.

    I subscribe to the Black vault and read it often to get the latest information and feel that they go to great lengths to make sure that what they publish is truthful and specific to the point without embellishments.

  2. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for going to the lengths you have gone to spread the word about my fight.

    I have done the same on your blog, and have received many letters that the NSA is receiving this postcard on my behalf.

    You made this possible, and it is greatly appreciated! I will let you know when I hear something from them, and I will forward it far and wide!


    John Greenewald, Jr.
    The Black Vault

  3. When are we going to be told the truth? Keep up the good work John and do not let up. You have supporters that are willing to put their name in support to get the Gov. and the NSA to respond to the release of information requests. If I had a spare dime I would send it but right now all I can offer is my name.
    You go get them.

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