NASA Budget Cuts — 9,000 employees expected to be cut

So it looks like NASA is going to cut 9,000 jobs in Florida because of budget cuts.

If there are any secrets being held by one of those 9,000 rank-and-file of NASA employees, I’d bet they are a lot less likely to keep it without a paycheck coming in.

Not saying that NASA is keeping any secrets, although some of those youtube videos do seem to show some odd things.

And I do like the Predictive Linguistics stuff over at Half Past Human. Its really pretty dire stuff, so you may not want to read it if you are prone to depression, but there are some interesting things to look out for while society seems to spin out of control into oblivion. One of things that they talk about in their latest in the “The Shape of Things To Come” series is the notion that there will be several significant whistleblower-type disclosures in the coming year. I keep wondering if these NASA layoffs could be the catalyst to cause something like that in the UFO arena.

Anyway, if you want to hear more about Predictive Linguistics, check out the Red Ice Radio interview with Cliff High, who put the project together. It can be found here:

And now for some youtube NASA speculation


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Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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