Flatland vs. Gravity

I’m always somewhat annoyed by the Allegory of the Cave (flatland) analogy for paranormal events. That what we’re seeing is actually just three-dimensions of something in a higher demensional space, impinging on our space, and we can only see the the projection of that higher dimensional thing in our paltry 3/4-d space.

The following clip explains the flatland concept. Sorry, I’m not really sure who to credit this as I don’t think the youtuber I am linking to actually created it, although I think it’s basically from the What the Bl*?!p creators.

It always seems like its something that’s too far out. Like we’ll never get to understand these crazy projections, because they’re just beyond our dimensional understanding. It also gives denialists an easy out because it places the phenomenon outside our current existence.  Well, maybe its something like that, but I prefer a gravity analogy. I don’t know if its been talked about before, but I was thinking about it, and thought I’d put it down here.

Imagine a family. The family has been stuck on a spaceship for many generations. They are out in deep, deep space, so there are no planets or stars that would have a significant gravitational effect on them. Now, forget about the problems of food, muscular atrophy, astroids, and all the radiation that they would likely be subjected too.

Because they are so far out in deep space, if you told them about gravity, they would probably laugh at you, because they have no direct experience with it. There may be legends and myths, passed down from generation to generation about some strange attractive force, but they are just floating around this spaceship, bouncing from here to there, bumping their heads on pipes, just like you floating around in a swimming pool.

In their experience, gravity may exist, but in such a small way, that they never notice it. They don’t ever think to try to do an experiment. Why the hell would two objects attract each other? Just because? Extraordinary claims, yada yada yada.

As I’ve been following paranormal topics over the last few years, I’m sort of coming to the conclusion that the whole thing has as much, or more, to do with consciousness as anything else, whatever consciousness turns out to be. The thing is, I’m getting the impression that consciousness will turn out to be something normal, at least having a significant component, within our normal universe. No need to go into higher dimensions, it’s all around you in this dimension. Our space faring family didn’t have the immediate experience with gravity, and somehow we don’t have that immediate experience with significant portions of our consciousness. Some of us (not me yet) have had experiences, but unfortunately, they’re normally laughed at when they talk about it.

Eventually the space family will run across some planet or star, and get quite a rude awakening. Will we ever find something similar that makes us see our consciousness differently, on a broad scale? I don’t have any idea, so all I can do is read, begin to practice meditation, and hope that I stumble upon some of the truths of the myths and legends passed down from previous generations, and listen to the madmen around me now.

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About nycjeff

Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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