…on second thought…

So its about 4:30 and I decided to take a look out my office window for spite.

I see the normal airplanes leaving LGA, a few helicopters, and these two things that I’m not really sure what they were.

Not going to report it to anyone yet, but thought I’d write it down so I can have a record somewhere.

So I am on Park Ave in the low 30’s, about 20 floors above ground. My office window faces North, uptown.

So I look North/Northwest (maybe 30 degrees off of North, measuring North as straight up Park Ave). I see something coming sort of my direction. It was light in color. I would say that it was more long-ish. It didn’t seem to be spherical, although I had the impression that it was sort of rotating. It seemed to travel at a pretty regular pace, then it slowed down and seemed to stop for a while. Then I looked east of that object slightly, although still west of me, and saw another similar object.  It seemed to be moving at the same speed, roughly.

I got my camera out (see last post) and tried to find it, although I couldn’t pick it up on the screen, so no photos taken.

It seemed very high up. If it was the size of an airplane, it was much higher than I normally see from my window. If it was smaller,  like a helicopter, then it was much higher than a helicopter.

Could it have been a plastic bag? Maybe, although it didn’t really seem to be because its pace was fairly consistent while moving.

After a little while I lost sight of it, so I’m not sure if it was just out of my field of view, blocked by the top of the window,  or maybe it just moved far enough away that I couldn’t see it.

So I don’t know what it was. It didn’t seem to be a plane or helicopter, but it could have been. Helicopter seems slightly more likely given the apparent hovering.

Either way it was a nice afternoon distraction for a few minutes.


About nycjeff

Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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