My note to Richard Dolan

So I wrote a letter to Richard Dolan yesterday. I wanted to let him
know about an idea I’ve had related to his book, A.D. After Disclosure. Basically the idea would be to run a contest, where people use as a jump off point, his book, especially the vignette on page 32, “Remarks by the President.” People would submit their reactions to the press conference, in white paper form, for whatever job they currently have. For example, since i work at an investment firm i may be the one to write a report detailing what this would mean for the firm’s portfolios and recommendations to for adjustment. I’ll just include the letter below:

Hello Mr. Dolan,
I recently got a copy of your new book with Bryce Zabel. I’m very happy to see someone taking this step. I also listened to your recent interview on the Australian podcast Mysterious Universe and I had an idea that you might be interested in to help publicize your book, but that I think would also be very interesting in itself.

The idea would start with the vignette on page 32, “Remarks by the President”
From there, you might write the remarks that would have followed from the Secretaries of Defense and Commerce and perhaps the press questions that followed.

The bulk of the idea would then be in the hands of your readers. You could hold something of a contest where your readers would submit the reaction that they might have in response to this news. For example, I work in the investment management industry at a small, mid-tier firm. As the only person that has an existing interest in this sort of thing at the firm (as far as I know), I might be the one tasked with doing the research on that Friday night and coming up with recommendations on how our firm should respond. I’d have to come up with some sort of report to submit to my boss.

So the contest would be collecting these sorts of report from your readers and picking the best ones. I suspect there is interest in the subject from a very wide variety of people, and its certainly something that the mainstream media doesn’t pick up on. It would certainly be interesting and maybe surprising to see what people come up with in response to the announcement. I know I would like to read what people would have to say about how it would directly affect their jobs and their lives.

For the book, I think this might help people connect more to the idea of disclosure and get people to talk about it with their friends. Something along the lines of, “I know you don’t believe in this stuff, but what if it were true, how would it change your lives?” Since yours is really the only book out there that focuses on this aspect, rather than trying to the existence of UFOs. I can’t believe it would do anything but boost your sales. Not that I think you’re doing this soley for money, but I do want to see quality people in field succeed.

Well, that was just my two cents. I’m looking forward to finishing the book, and wish you the best of luck with it.


Anyway, I don’t know if he’ll have time to read it or would be up for doing, but I think its a cool idea.

If you’ve got the desire, I’d be happy to read submissions of people in reaction to a disclosure event. Maybe I’ll work on one as well.


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Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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