To Gino S

So I saw a comment over at Blog De Void that I wanted to respond to. I ended up typing it in and then that Damn Herald Tribune refresh kicked in and erased it.

So I thought I would try to rewrite it here

Anyway, here’s the link to the original post.

I am responding to GinoS’s comment at 10:26 pm.

Gino, I’m glad you got Leslie Kean’s book. In the end I think one of the main contributions of that book will be to make an impact on journalists and former journalists like you. I’m glad you’re willing to admit that you’re fascinated by the subject.

I’m also happy that you’re skeptical. This field needs honest skepticism. It also needs civility, and you seem to have that too.

I’m also glad that you’ve developed a mental model for this phenomenon. That will come in useful.

Here’s what I hope.

I hope you’ve got endurance and patience.

I hope you’ve got endurance to stick with your investigation of this phenomenon. Its takes a long time just to figure out the history.

I hope you’ve got the patience to be able to sift through all the crap (no really, there’s a lot) that you will have to sift through until you find a nugget that you can plug into your mental model. Make sure you watch how everyone reacts to reports of a sighting, the academics, the governments, military, contactees, skeptics, the mainstream media, the blogosphere, and ufology.

Then I hope you’re able to adjust your model, or scrap it and start over.

Good Luck!

Stepping down from my box.


So reading his post and thinking about my response has made me think more about my ride through this whole thing. I may work on a few posts about where I started from and where I am now in terms of my thinking on the whole issue. That will probably be the end of this blog, more or less, because I don’t really know how much more I’ve got to say that matters. I guess none of it really matters, but its helped me express what I’m thinking about it so I guess its been useful to me.


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Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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