Imbrogno, Imbroglio?

First let me say that I generally like what I’ve heard from Philip J Imbrogno.

I enjoy hearing him interviewed on podcasts. He generally seems to have a fairly clear thought process and has certainly been involved in researching the paranormal for a long time.

But I was listening to a recent interview of Imbrogno by Mike Clelland. In it, Dr. Imbrogno said that he had devised a way (device, plans?) to detect openings and closings of portals?

Huh? Did he just say that? That seems like quite a feat to just let fall into a conversation and not talk about it again. I think I’ve heard him talk about it before on other shows (Paratopia or Red Ice maybe?) Anyway, the comment raised a red flag for me because it seemed like it was just too spectacular not to be the main part of the conversation. I’ve heard about djinn and ultraterrestrials elsewhere, but this guy has plans for a device that can detect windows to other universes or dimensions or timelines …or something. This is something I want to know more about. Do the folks at CERN know about this? Maybe it could save them some time.

Anyway, in the podcast, Mr. Clelland introduced Imbrogno as a Phd.  The whole device thing seemed like a stretch to me, and it was a stretch that I didn’t think that someone with a PhD in a hard science (theoretical chemistry) would just lob out there. Most of the PhDs that I’ve come across are pretty precise in their language, even when it comes to things in the paranormal.

So that’s one thing. The other thing that has me a bit confused is that he just got his PhD.  Fair enough I suppose. You get it when you get it. I don’t have one, so who am I to judge. But Imbrogno has been writing books on the paranormal for years. From what I’ve read over at (Intelligent Design blog) having an interest in ID will really put the Kibosh on your career. Are UFOs, Djinn, and ultraterrestrials really that far away ID?  I have no idea how entrenched in materialism the doctoral committees at MIT are, but I would imagine that this sort of thing would make them think twice. Maybe they’re cool with VERY outside interests, as long as it doesn’t affect your calculations.

So then I was curious. What did Mr. Imbrogno do his thesis on? I was recently able to find Paul H Smith’s (remote viewer) dissertation on physicalism online at the University of Texas at Austin library website.  Maybe I can find Dr. Imbrogno’s also.

So I went to MIT’s library site, and searched for MIT Theses by author keyword Imbrogno. Nothing came up. I guess it’s not really that weird. It took UTA a while to post Smith’s paper, so maybe there’s a stack of theses in someone’s inbox just waiting to get added into the library system.

But then when I search through the listing of other theses published in 2010, and then enter the author’s name into MIT’s general search engine, most of the time there is some sort of reference to that person. I get nothing when I search for “Imbrogno”.

MIT’s registrar referred me to the site to confirm if a student was enrolled at the school and degrees are received. seems to require the birth date for the person you’re looking to verify, and I don’t know his birthday, so its tough to check. I also emailed a staff member at the chemistry department to see if they could shed any light, but haven’t heard anything back.

So who knows? I’m not really sure where to go from here. If you have any input, feel free to comment in the comment area. I’m probably making more of an issue than it needs to be, and I’ll be more than happy to apologise in a subsequent post if someone can clarify this for me.


About nycjeff

Just another guy with an interest in UFOs. I work in finance. I live in New York City and I may have once seen a UFO aobve 8th avenue.

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  1. Perhaps I was misunderstood. I said that it is possible elementary particles could be picked up.

    I have been a science educator for 30 years.. My interest in the paranormal is a side interest, has nothing to do with my profession. My thesis has not been processed yet
    It has nothing to do with the paranormal.
    My research in the paranormal is speculation

    My files have a security seal on them one needs my permission to post. Please refrain from trying violate my privacy.

  2. I find it interesting that when people wish to mske potshots at others, they do so anonymously on the internet. Phil Imbrogno’s email is readily accessible in his books, which you claim to have read, and he can also be reached at our website Why don’t you just ask him directly — and sign your name to the email, as would be expected from any legitimate inquiry?
    — Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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